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At DGCI, an unbreakable bond is forged between students and their training. These young minds from different horizons find themselves immersed in a unique learning environment, where the fusion of cultures and knowledge creates a true synergy. When they walk through the doors of DGCI, they embark on a path of challenge and discovery. Every course, every project, every discussion is an opportunity to broaden their horizons, push back their limits and feed their insatiable curiosity. 

Over the years, these students become more than just a class. They form a real community, a family of alumni united by their shared experiences. Whether French, Egyptian or of other nationalities, they all share a passion for knowledge and a desire to make a positive contribution to society. The DGCI Alumni is a symbol of resilience and success. Each of them carries with them the memory of obstacles overcome, friendships forged and knowledge acquired. They have acquired the skills needed to flourish in their respective fields, but above all, they have developed the ability to adapt to change and embrace diversity. 

These alumni are ambassadors for an education that transcends borders. They are the bearers of this vision of a world where differences are celebrated, where cultures meet and ideas intersect. Their exemplary careers remind us all that the union of talents and perspectives is an inexhaustible source of innovation and progress.

Whether in Egypt, France or the four corners of the globe, the alumni of this program leave an indelible mark. Their professional success is the fruit of their determination, passion and commitment to excellence. They inspire future generations to follow in their footsteps, defy convention and forge their own path to success. 

As a DGCI Alumni, you are part of a community that thrives on diversity, challenges established norms and strives for excellence. Your unique experience is a valuable asset in today's ever-changing world. Whether you choose to stay in touch with former classmates, share your knowledge with new generations or push your own boundaries, never forget the impact you can have on the world around you. It's a legacy of human connections, enriching discoveries and an unwavering desire to contribute to the common good. As an Alumni, you are a source of inspiration for all those who aspire to create a better world.

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